Links Main Categories
Acting Scenes and Tips
Links to websites with acting scenes and tips Duo, DI and HI categories in forensics.
Debate Websites
Links to web resources that can help with CX, LD, and Public Forum debate categories
Declamation Sites
Links to on-line resources of previously presented speeches - Appropriate for the forensics category of Declamation
Extemp Resources
Links to websites that may be helpful for Extemp
General Current Events Resource
These are general resource links that will help students with those events that need to be "current" information - Oratory, Informative, all forms of Debate and Extemp
General Information about Forensics/Speech
These sites contain general information that would be helpful to coaches/students and parents about the amazing competitive activity called "FORENSICS" or "SPEECH".
Gestures and Facial Epression
It's all about understanding natural expressions, behavioral patterns, body movements and overall mannerism of people and trying to enact them. These links provide resources for developing gestures and facial expressions.
Impromptu Speaking
Resources to assist Impromptu Speakers
Improvisational Acting Activities
Improvisation, or improv, is a form of live theatre in which the plot, characters and dialogue of a game, scene or story are made up in the moment. Often improvisers will take a suggestion from the audience, or draw on some other source of inspiration to
Informative and Persuasive Speaking
Links to websites helpful in selecting topics and preparing speeches of an informative or persuasive nature. Suggested topics and tips for preparation will assist public speakers in all aspects of creation and performance of original speeches.
Lincoln-Douglas (LD) Debate
A one-on-one form of debate that focuses primarily on values, such as justice or morality, rather than pragmatic questions such as which policy a government should adopt. In LD, the topics change every two months allowing for a significant amount of in-de
Literature Sites - (PROSE)
Links to on-line literature sites that would be most appropriate for the category of PROSE
Managing a Speech Team - Resources
Tools and articles that can help with the day to day management of a 4N6 (Forensics) / Speech Team
National Speech Organizations
On-Line Literary Magazines
Links to on-line Literary Magazines that contain prose and/or poetry selections that may be appropriate for forensics competitions
One-Act Play Resources
Links to publishers as well as coaching resources
Poetry Sites
Internet links to sites with poetry selections.
Public Forum Debate
Public forum debate, also known as PF is a style of debate for teams of two. Individuals give short (2-4 minute) speeches; these are interspersed with 3 minute "crossfire" sections, questions and answers between opposed debaters. The winner is determined
Publishing Companies
Check here for links to publishing companies for scripts that may not be available through AMAZON.COM or your library.
Radio Broadcasting
Some states offer this Limited-Prep event at tournaments. Here you can find tips and examples that will help you prepare for competition.
Reader's Theater
Performers read a script adapted from literature, and the audience pictures the action from hearing the script being read aloud. It requires no sets, costumes, props, or memorized lines.
Ideas and resources for recruiting new members to your speech, debate and drama teams.
State Speech Associations
Links to State Speech Associations in various states
Students select a published children's story that meets a designated theme. Themes range widely and may include mysteries, heroism, or fairy tales.
Student Congress (aka Congressional Debate)
A form of high school debate i in which students emulate members of the United States Congress by writing and debating bills and resolutions.
Theatre Related Links
These links are for those coaches who also direct theatre programs and/or play productions. Educational articles about all things theatre!!
Tournament Software and Forms
There are lots of options for running your Speech Tournament Tabroom online. Here are some options
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