Links Main Categories
Acting Scenes
Links to websites with acting scenes that may be appropriate for Duo, DI or HI categories in forensics.
Debate Websites
Links to web resources that can help with CX, LD, and Public Forum debate categories
Declamation Sites
Links to on-line resources of previously presented speeches - Appropriate for the forensics category of Declamation
Extemp Resources
Links to website that may be helpful for Extemp
Impromptu Speaking
Resources to assist Impromptu Speakers
Literature Sites - (PROSE)
Links to on-line literature sites that would be most appropriate for the category of PROSE
National Speech Organizations
On-Line Literary Magazines
Links to on-line Literary Magazines that contain prose and/or poetry selections that may be appropriate for forensics competitions
Poetry Sites
Internet links to sites with poetry selections.
Publishing Companies
Check here for links to publishing companies for scripts that may not be available through AMAZON.COM or your library.
State Speech Associations
Links to State Speech Associations in various states
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