Declamation Sites
American Rhetoric - Online Speech Bank
an index to and growing database of 5000+ full text, audio and video (streaming) versions of public speeches, sermons, legal proceedings, lectures, debates, interviews, other recorded media events, and a declaration or two.
Gifts of Speech - Women's Speeches from Around the World
Dedicated to preserving and creating access to speeches by influential contemporary, women from around the world. Most of the speeches at Gifts of Speech have never been published in any paper-based format. Gifts of Speech acquired most of these speeches directly from the woman who gave the speech. Therefore, most of the material presented here on Gifts of Speech will not be found in any speech index.
Great American Speeches - Political Oratory
one of the most comprehensive on-line collections of speech texts of contemporary American History. Here you can read the speeches and backgrounds of many of the most influential and poignant speakers of the recorded age. To help put each speaker in historical context, we have also provided a brief timeline of historical events.
The History Channel - Speech Archive
Hear the words that changed the world. From Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I have a dream" speech to Lou Gehrig's farewell to baseball, our vast collection is drawn from the most famous broadcasts and recordings of the twentieth century.
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