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3 Exercises to Teach Empathy There are many ways to help train teams learn to be more empathetic. Try these three exercises with your team . . . Article by Jennifer Winter (For business, but it works for speech/drama teams too!)
Character Development Worksheet Ready to use with your interpers/actors - Just print, copy and GO!
Character Exploration - The Mad Hatter Complete On-Line Lesson - Lesson objective: To explore the characterization and language of the Mad Hatter in Alice and Wonderland by creating an invitation to the Mad Hatters iconic tea party.
Character Interpretation - The Witches of Macbeth Complete On-Line Lesson - Learning Objective: To explore the opening scene of Macbeth, thinking specifically about how the witches can be interpreted and characterized.
How Theatre Taught Me Empathy The best interpers and actors are adept at portraying other people — how they talk, how they move, how they think, and what they feel. That's where the skill of empathy comes in. Check out this personal reflection by Patrick Allen.
How to Create a Character Study Character Study is an essential part of any actor’s process. Without exploration, it is nearly impossible create a believable character. And that, after all, is the very foundation of acting and interp.
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