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100 Sample Videos of Performances - YouTube Watching great performances can inspire your students! All categories
3P Speech 3P is one of the first private coaching companies to provide services to all competitors in middle school speech and debate as well as high school speech and debate looking to advance their skills and hone their craft.
3P Speech On-Line National Tournament In lieu of trophies this year (2018), 3P has decided that they will write a check to a program who is in need of funding to get to the NSDA National Championship for the price of the trophies (Usually in the ballpark of $700). They hope to be able to choose a couple of programs to support financially, so they will do so based on the number of entries!
8 Steps Forensics - You Tube Channel Michael Rizzo and his team walk you through each competitive events in 8 Steps – From beginning to performance And although 8 Steps Forensics is no longer in existence, these videos are personable and perfect for your novices, especially in this time of virtual learning! (Scroll to the bottom of the play list for the 1st INTRODUCTORY video)
Abridging (AKA Cutting Literature) From the Northern California Forensics Association
Communication and Public Speaking Tips for Students The ability to deliver speeches and to confidently talk in front of an audience is a great gift to have. It is an ability that will be helpful in the business and personal world. To help people prepare for public speaking assignments, Maryville University has put together this helpful guide.
Crafting an Effectively Using an Oral Interp Binder Check out these tips for the Prose/Poetry/POI binders
Developing Invaluable Life Skills Through Speech and Debate A great article by Ruth Kay for It is 7:00 a.m. on a Saturday. You are walking through the halls of a local high school. Well-dressed students are scattered throughout the building – talking to walls! You wonder, are you in an alternate universe? No, you are at a speech competition.
Forensics Faces Podcast (82+ episodes) A podcast celebrating forensics (speech & debate) by sharing discussion, interviews & advice. Hosted by Malyssa Gabrielson and Kirt Graves.
Forensics University Forensics is diverse and complex. There are a huge amount of information on each of the events, and we're attempting to gather as much information as we can on each of them. Includes individual event and debate event information.
How to Cut a Script Instructional Video Series by Chris and Ryan Wilkins -- Compliments of 3P Speech
How to Develop Characters in Oral Interpretation
How to Edit Literature for Oral Interpretation by Eric Mischne, Asst Professor of Communication at Cedarville University, Ohio
How We Can Protect Truth in the Age of Misinformation by Sinan Aral Fake news can sway elections, tank economies and sow discord in everyday life. Data scientist Sinan Aral demystifies how and why it spreads so quickly -- citing one of the largest studies on misinformation -- and identifies five strategies to help us unweave the tangled web between true and false.
Introductory Videos for General Speech Events Krista Price is a teacher who produced a bunch of videos for Public Speaking and Communication and they are good. Most are short and cover one concept, like topic selection or Motivated Sequence or Listening. (22 Videos – 10 minutes or less) A series of instructional videos on communications and public speaking.
Keeping it Fresh! From our Friends at - Sometimes, as the year extends pieces and speeches begin to feel a little stale. Keeping them exciting to the judges is sometimes about keeping them exciting to the students. These exercises are designed to limit that mid year slump. They can be applied to most public address and interp events.
NCA - Video on Speech Anxiety Communication teachers, are you getting ready for fall classes or looking for new content? Consider showing one of NCA’s Concepts in Communication videos in class or featuring it on your course website. If you’re teaching Public Speaking or an introductory course, the Speech Anxiety video could provide a great introduction to the concept for students.
One Clap Speech and Debate - A Blog – A Pod Cast – Resources!
Popping and Morphing Tips From our friends at 3P (
Sample Coaches Handbook - Calilfornia If you are new to coaching or a veteran coach looking for inspiration - The CA High School Speech Association's Coaches Handbook is a great starting point!
The Interper's Voice - Why we Do What We Do A 6-minute video by Emma Kretchmer . . . an Interper from Michigan who tells it like it is. This is a must share with your interpers!
The Speech Equity Project Resources for High School and College and an Amazing PODCAST series includes important conversations regarding equity in forensics.
The Value of Speech and Debate in the Middle School Years By Stefan Bauschard and P. Anand Rao, PhD Originally printed in NSDA’s Rostrum (Winter 2015)
The Value of Speech, Debate and Theatre Activities: Making the Case for Forensics (2006) Another great article about the value of Speech/Debate from NFHS
Video Samples for the Novice Interper A wonderful list of videos (with links) perfect for novices in Oral Interpretation. These would be a great resource for your team
Your Little Black Book and How to Use It - Part 1 For Prose, Poetry or POI competitors
Your Little Black Book and How to Use It - Part 2 For Prose, Poetry or POI competitors
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