General Information about Forensics/Speech
3P Speech
3P is one of the first private coaching companies to provide services to all competitors in middle school speech and debate as well as high school speech and debate looking to advance their skills and hone their craft.
3P Speech On-Line National Tournament
In lieu of trophies this year (2018), 3P has decided that they will write a check to a program who is in need of funding to get to the NSDA National Championship for the price of the trophies (Usually in the ballpark of $700). They hope to be able to choose a couple of programs to support financially, so they will do so based on the number of entries!
Communication and Public Speaking Tips for Students
The ability to deliver speeches and to confidently talk in front of an audience is a great gift to have. It is an ability that will be helpful in the business and personal world. To help people prepare for public speaking assignments, Maryville University has put together this helpful guide.
Forensics University
Forensics is diverse and complex. There are a huge amount of information on each of the events, and we're attempting to gather as much information as we can on each of them. Includes individual event and debate event information.
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