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  • 4N6Fanatics.com is a database which tracks the historical awards of quality performance material for individual events competitions and can be a never-ending source of new material for your team.

    • The database contains over 20,000 records, including state and national qualifiers from as early as 2001.  The results of many State Competitions are currently being researched by our staff and 2018 National Qualifiers will be added in the Spring of 2019. 

    • Narrow your search by Gender, Theme or even On-line Availability.  Over 4,600 of our records provide outside links to the FULL-TEXT of the selection.  Immediate access so students can begin cutting and writing introductions to create their own unique performance.

  • OR Narrow your search to ITEMS STORED IN THE VAULT.  As of 1/22/2019, the VAULT contains over 1,770 performance-ready cuttings, complete with a suggested introductions and source information: 
    • Serious Duo - 205
    • Humorous Duo - 179
    • Humorous Interp - 232
    • Dramatic Interp - 332
    • Prose - 411
    • Poetry - 327
    • Declamation - 55 
    • R-Rated Items - 31
    • Interested in a sample cutting from the VAULT?  Just click:  SAMPLE CUTTING FROM THE VAULT (Duo for a M/F Pair)

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  • And even better, we add new full-text links and VAULT cuttings each week during the school year!  

  • We provide our members with ~150 Extemp Topics (International and Domestic) each month for practice or use at school-hosted tournaments.  The Extemp Topic Generator functions the same way Extemp Draw takes place at a tournament - you can further refine your "Draw" by selecting a category for each round.  

  • Original Oratory and Informative ideas are also included, with a links to great places for students to begin research for their own original speech.

  • Our Impromptu Topic Generator has 16 different categories with nearly 1,000 topics -- from "Social Issues" to "Harry Potter Quotes" 

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NOTE:  4N6 Fanatics is NOT a publishing company; and as such is not recognized by the NSDA as an on-line script publisher.  Coaches must obtain the original source for regional state and national competitions.  But don't worry . . . our User's Guide provides suggestions for how to do so on a budget!

NOTE:  Rules for each event category vary from state to state and also over time.  Coaches/students should ALWAYS check the current event rules for your tournament to ensure chosen selections meet requirements.  (See our User's Guide for specific examples)