Who created 4N6 Fanatics.com?

  • Laurie L. Mooney . . . . 
  • A high school Speech and drama coach with 12+ years of experience   
  • A college forensic competitor for Wichita State University
  • A high school state champion in both Dramatic and Duo Interp
  • A state qualified judge for over 30 years
  • A NSDA member coach - First Diamond 
  • A dynamic workshop presenter available for state conferences and workshops on speaking/acting/interp events and hands-on experience with 4N6 Fanatics.
  • We've already traveled to state conferences in Virginia, Nebraska and Missouri -- is your state next??

Why was 4N6 Fanatics.com created? 

  • To organize existing class performance materials
  • To transform an archaic paper-based filing system which was teacher dependent into a digital database easy enough for independent student use
  • To allow students to access performance material 24/7 online

Why a membership-based subscription service? 

  • A web-based system of up-to-date award winning selections is an invaluable resource for building or expanding the abilities and success of a speech team or drama class
  • No other websites document the award history (including state awards) of performance material
  • Programs are yearning for re-vitalization, but with ever-changing standards and increased demands on teachers/coaches, little time is left to research new material
  • NOTE:  Each membership is for one (1) school only.  Member schools should not share their log-ins with other schools within or outside of their district.  Sharing log-in information ultimately results in the inability of 4N6 Fanatics to continue functioning as a business.

How long has 4N6 Fanatics been in business? 

  • The 2022 - 2023 academic year marks the 19th year anniversary of continuous on-line service to the educational community! 

Is 4N6 Fanatics recognized as an on-line publisher by the National Speech and Debate Association?
  • 4N6 Fanatics is NOT a publishing company; and as such is not recognized by the NSDA as an on-line script publisher. Coaches must obtain the original source as described in our USER'S GUIDE. 4N6 Fanatics provides complete source citations to aid in the retention of the original source.  

 Do 4N6 Fanatics Cuttings stored in the VAULT meet the requirements for competition in my state?   
  • Rules for each event category vary from state to state and also over time. Coaches/students should ALWAYS check the CURRENT event rules to ensure that selections chosen meet CURRENT event guidelines for your tournaments. (See our USER's GUIDE for specific examples)