IDA Generator


  • Each time the "Regenerate Topics" button is clicked, the generator will randomly display 3 professions, 3 locations and 3 activities.
  • Student pairs should select 2 professions, 1 location and 1 activity from the results.
  • Each pair is allotted 30 minutes to prepare a 4-7 minute skit based on the information selected.
  • Coaches may allow the use of a table and two chairs for the scene; however, all other props must be pantomimed.
  • Evaluate students based on plot and character development, creative introductions and ability to pantomime props.
  • This event is offered at tournaments in the state of Kansas; but also works well as an in-class exercise to improve creativity, spontaneity and student interaction. 
ArcheologistOn the sunPrank calling the police
OrthodontistIn a log cabinTaking a trip to the moon
DentistIn a bankShopping for Christmas