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4 Steps to Instant Stage Presence Have you ever seen a speaker who just seems to command the stage? Their very being demands attention, and oozes charisma, confidence and credibility. Want to know how that could be you? Then follow this link to learn more.
9 Useful Diction Exercises for Every Actor Sure, “red leather, yellow leather” and “toy boat” are crowd favorites and standbys, but sometimes you’ve gotta dig a little deeper.
A Simple Breath Control Exercise Breath control is so important for performers. Breath control affects the range, volume, and speed of speaking. Practicing skills to improve breath control technique can vastly improve your speaking abilities.
Breathing Right by JudyLee Vivier With good breath support the voice will sound full and rich - not strident, strained, or pushed.
Diction Exercises to Use with Your Team The content of their speech may be fantastic, and they may look great when delivering the presentation, however, unless the judges can clearly hear and understand what they're saying, they are destined for a "6"
How Does Voice Influence your Performance? 22 Short Videos with challenges and assignments Perfect for Distance Learning by Nicholaus Garcia
National Theatre: Vocal Warm-Up An 11-minute video led by Jeannette Nelson. Help your team members prepare their voice before competitions, featuring exercises on breathing, resonance, projection and articulation.
Nicholaus Garcia - You Tube Videos Meet Nicholaus Garcia – A drama instructor at Los Medanos College with a Masters in Fine Arts (Actin) from the University of Iowa He’s created a You Tube Channel with fantastic short instructional videos perfect for drama classes or speech teams. These would be great “Watch and Respond” assignments for your distance learners!
Rehearsal Techniques and Strategies by Bert's Drama: Characterization Exercises, Voice Pacing, Eye Contact, Physical Contact, Use of Space, Establishing a Scene, Learning Lines and MORE!
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