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3P Publishing What if you could find scripts that were creative, original, and up-to-date in their writing style and delivery options? That's right - subject matters that emphasize pushing limits, dramatic build, and character development.
Always Writing 4 U Presently Always Writing 4 U LLC offers you the ability to create your own competitive acting idea for the high school or collegiate competitor. In addition, you may also purchase pieces in the "Shop and Cart" tab. Two unique aspect of my business is that in addition to being the sole proprietor of these works Always Writing 4 U LLC is also the publishing company so that every client is in immediate contact with the publisher and writer at all times.
Anchorage Press Plays Internet catalogue for children's plays and youth plays: theatre scripts suitable for family, young adult, youth, and child audience plus creative educational text books.
Black Coffee Press We publish and promote great books of poetry and fiction every year. In addition, we place a high value on innovative writing, quality, production, unique style and vision that actively breaks the boundaries of publishing.
Broadway Play Publishing, Inc. Specializes in full-length, contemporary American plays,plus some musicals and one-act plays. They also handle the licensing of production rights to these plays. Some plays are on-line and free to download; others must be ordered through the publisher.
Brooklyn Publishing Get new scripts
Contemporary Drama Service Over 1000 musicals, short and full-length plays, monologs, variety show scripts, and comedy sketches are listed. They specialize in comedy.
Creative Ideas by Consortium Publishing As our company continues to grow and expand, Consortium Publishing has upgraded to a more customer-friendly name: Creative Ideas. As this has been our web address for many years, it will help you, our customer, find us more easily. We still offer the same Award Winning Speech materials to help your students achieve their best. We are a family owned business concentrating on speech material for Junior High and High School performance and competition. Our material is written by educators who know what you want and can provide a variety of humorous and serious selections for one or more participants. We believe that in today's age of technology, those young people who can express themselves so that others will understand will have a significant advantage over their peers.
Drama Tree Press Drama Tree Press is a boutique distributor of innovative plays and performance materials. Our exclusive relationships with popular authors ensure a consistent flow of top quality literature.
Dramaline Publications Dramaline's original monologues and scenes are of ideal duration, embrace contemporary subjects, have definite points of view, are written in today's speech, have beginnings, middles and ends.
Dramatic Publishing A major publisher of classic and contemporary scripts.
Eldridge Publishers Eldridge Publishing, a leading play publisher since 1906, offers hundreds of full-length plays, one-acts, melodramas, holiday and religious plays, children's theatre plays and musicals of all kinds.
Hansen Drama Shop We offer a wide variety of theatrical scripts and plays, as well as audition and private readings. The Hansen Drama Bookstore has been providing these services to theatres, schools, and private institutions for more than a hundred years. Lulu has a great selection of books, photo books and eBooks for you to buy. With our great prices and large selection, shopping for books at Lulu is an easy choice!
Moonstruck Drama Bookstore A speciality on-line bookstore which also includes theatre links and news. A great place to browse.
Mushroom Cloud Press For over 15 years, Mushroom Cloud Press has published tournament-winning humorous, dramatic, and duo scripts for speech and debate competitions. Endorsed by coaches and students across the country, our pieces have been crafted specifically for the speech and debate audience, and have won many state and national tournaments. The scripts in our packages come ready for immediate performance, as each one has been carefully edited for length, content, and maximum opportunity to showcase your performers' skills. Most importantly, we work with the best authors in the business, and our unique scripts, full of remarkable characters and thoughtful drama, will always stand out in rounds. Our goal is to give students the best chance to succeed, and to provide great value to the coaches and parents who educate and support them.
Next Stage Press A small publisher of plays that would otherwise be overlooked by the larger publishing houses. Perfect for younger competitors
Off the Wall Palys An online play publishing house. We sell and license play scripts for performance by both community theatre groups, amdram as well as professional theatre. We aim to keep our play prices affordable and we give you the option of reading through a generous selection of the script before you buy it, so you know what you are getting. We also have affordable rates for licensing of our stage play scripts that include filming rights, which we feel is important to our clients. Please feel free to browse our large selection of plays – we have plays of almost every genre and length for you to enjoy.
Pioneer Drama Service As one of the largest full-service play publishing and licensing companies operating in the United States, we carry the exclusive rights to over 850 plays and musicals! All of our scripts — extensively produced by schools, colleges, churches, children’s theatres and community theater groups — are carefully selected to meet the specific needs of the educational and amateur market.
Playscripts, Inc. An independent publisher of new plays, established in 1998. (242 plays by 163 authors). Read lengthy script samples for free, then purchase online.
Sapphire Ink The sole source for J.J. Jonas' poetry. In the past two years since our first competition poetry book was published, our poetry has been represented in each of the five conference finals round at the Texas State Meet. Four Texas state champions in the past two years were reading our poetry.
Speech Geek Each issue of SpeechGeek includes five unique scripts—generally, a prose/di, humorous interp, poetry, duo (male/female), and a duo (male/male or female/female). New material is being added to the website periodically. Beginning with the 2005-06 season, SpeechGeek will publish three issues of material each year: Fall (available Aug. 1), Winter (available Oct. 1) and Spring (available Dec. 1). SpeechGeek will periodically publish a Nationals edition when material warrants, contest issues and issues specifi
Stage Partners Founded in 2015 by Jason Pizzarello and Morgan Gould, two internationally-produced playwrights who wanted to serve young artists and audiences around the globe. 1. Read the play. THE WHOLE PLAY. FOR FREE
Tibetan Treefrog Publishing Tibetan Treefrog Publishing was created to specifically produce selections for forensic competition. The editions can contain original Prose, Poetry, Humorous/Dramatic pieces, Duets and even ODecs written by our staff. Each edition contains between five to seven pieces and is published two times per year.
Wordsmith Press
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