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21 Questions to Help Students Think Critically About News How do we find real truth, real facts in a new era of Internet hoaxes, fake news stories and biased political sources who promote their own "alternative facts"? - Teaching critical thinking is more important than ever before. This document will help you and your students navigate the murky waters of the News in 2020
6 Coaching Ideas for Extemp Practice Tired of Extemp Practice being just prepare, speak, critique? Use these ideas to get your entire extemp group involved and polishing specific skills!
Extemp Drills and Skills Presented for NSDA by Ethan Reeves – Developer of Extemp Genie
Extemp Drills for Practice Fluency/Clarity and Content are the most important expectations of judges when it comes Extemp. But most beginning extempers focus solely on the content of their speeches. That’s were drills come in – to develop the speaking skills that will launch their content into the stratosphere.
Extemp Primer Who doesn't need an Extemp Primer! - From
Extemp Quotes Few things contribute more to an extemp speech than a well-placed quote. Adding a meaningful quotation can help enhance an otherwise bland or monotonous speech in many ways. It can add some much-needed humor, make a powerful statement, provide an easy transition, or simply give your statements a little more ethos. Here is a list of a few great quotations that can enhance your speech and a short analysis of possible uses for them.
Extemp Speech Structure and On-Line News Sources According to Award Winning Extemper, Cory Alderdice, “Extemporaneous speaking is perhaps the most demanding of all forensics activities. It requires the research skills of a policy debater, the theory of a Lincoln-Douglas debater, and the speaking of a polished orator.” All good extemp speeches start with a basic structure . . .
Extemper's Bible Provides free extemp resources. Includes topic briefings, performance tips and more.
Extemporaneous Speaking with Dr. Megan Hagaman (Video) Dr. Hagaman (Salina South HS, Kansas) has coached numerous state champions and national circuit finalists. In this video she breaks down how to approach extemporaneous speaking with students for the first time, including specific elements of speech organization, preparation, and performance.
Fact Monitors the factual accuracy of what is said by major U.S. political players in the form of TV ads, debates, speeches, interviews and news releases.
Filing Software - Extemp Genie Paid Resource: At the push of a button, Extemp Genie downloads thousands of articles from top news sources, formats them, and stores them on your disk drive for offline viewing and searching. Cost is $24.99 per student
Filing Software - Prepd Paid Resource: Prepd’s News Feed automatically retrieves 150,000+ articles from over 50 different news sources. Since articles in the News Feed can then be saved to any Prepd application, the News Feed helps teams quickly file and fills research gaps. It also helps level the playing field, so smaller extemp clubs can compete against larger programs.
Filing Tips By Anne Smith - Anne Smith highlights five tips to become better at filing.
How We Can Protect Truth in the Age of Misinformation by Sinan Aral Fake news can sway elections, tank economies and sow discord in everyday life. Data scientist Sinan Aral demystifies how and why it spreads so quickly -- citing one of the largest studies on misinformation -- and identifies five strategies to help us unweave the tangled web between true and false.
News Literacy Project A nonpartisan national education nonprofit, provides programs and resources for educators and the public to teach, learn and share the abilities needed to be smart, active consumers of news and information and equal and engaged participants in a democracy.
On-Line Research Sources An extensive list of national, regional and international news sources for Extemp Research - Clickable hyperlinks!
Podcast - Civics 101 Civics 101 is the podcast refresher course on the basics of how our democracy works.
Podcast - Deep Dish on Global Affairs By the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. Each week, host Brian Hanson talks with international thought leaders, journalists, and other experts to go beyond the headlines on critical global issues and US foreign policy.
Podcast - NPR Politics Every weekday, NPR's best political reporters are there to explain the big news coming out of Washington and the campaign trail. They don't just tell you what happened. They tell you why it matters. Every afternoon.
Podcast - The Daily by the New York Times This is how the news should sound. Twenty minutes a day, five days a week, hosted by Michael Barbaro and powered by New York Times journalism.
Podcast - The Extemper's Bible With interviews, the news, extemp strategy, and more, the Extemper's Bible is the desperately needed podcast for the extemper community.
Podcast - The Inside Story by Al Jazeera Smart, timely, and quick analysis from Brookings experts on breaking news and changing policies. In under ten minutes, learn not only what happened, but why, and how to make sense of it.
Podcast - The Intelligence by Economist Radio A current-affairs podcast, published every weekday by Economist Radio, that provides a fresh perspective on the events shaping your world.
Podcast - The Journal by the Wall Street Journal The most important stories, explained through the lens of business. A podcast about money, business and power. Hosted by Kate Linebaugh and Ryan Knutson. The Journal is a co-production from Gimlet Media and The Wall Street Journal.
Podcast - Wordly by Vox A weekly international podcast highlighting the one thing you need to understand to make sense of the world around you.
Understanding Media Bias Knowing the political bias of media outlets allows our debate students and speakers to consume a balanced news diet and avoid manipulation and fake news. It’s imperative that we teach our students to recognize slanted news. Slanted news is biased in a particular direction. It emphasizes certain information, and omits other information that might provide a more balanced or complex perspective. It serves the purpose of trying to convince the reader or listener of a particular point of view, rather than simply informing the reader or listener.
VIDEO: NSDA 2017 - Olivia Shoemaker - Int'l Extemp Finalist TOPIC: What can be done to alleviate Venezuela's economic crisis?
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