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9 Tips from Spoken Word Poet Pages Matam Pages Matam is an international artist & educator from Cameroon, Central Africa, currently residing in Washington D.C. A national and 2x regional poetry slam champion, he has passions in the field of education, violence and abuse trauma work, immigration reform and youth advocacy.
Documentary Poetry (aka docupoetry) Documentary Poetry integrates primary sources to create something new, or integrating source excerpts with original poetry. Its purpose is to bear witness/raise awareness/incite social change, reflecting the role of poet as engaged citizen, journalist, historian, witness, and advocate
Get Lit Virtual Anthology Slam Poetry is the voice of America! And the Get Lit Virtual Anthology was launched in 2021 to spark the passion for poetry in all Americans. Get Lit is a Los Angeles based arts education non-profit founded in 2006 by Diane Luby Lane to increase literacy, empower youth, and inspire communities through poetry. Poets respond to where we are now as a society, writing about cultural trends, issues, and identities. Click on the “TAKE A TOUR” Tab for an introduction to the NEW for 2021 Slam Poetry Anthology.
How to Analyze a Poem A great handout for your Poetry Interpers by Pat Salmon
Poetry - Analysis Worksheet A quick guide for Poetry Interpers in the art of analysis. You have to understand it before your interp it!
Poetry - How to Analyze - SLAM Method The SLAM method by By John DePasquale -- A quick and easy resource
Poetry Out Loud Poetry Out Loud encourages the study of great poetry by offering free educational materials and a dynamic competition for high school students across the country. Since the program began in 2005, more than 17,000 schools in the US have participated in Poetry Out Loud. A total of $50,000 in awards and school/organizational stipends will be given at the Poetry Out Loud National Finals.
Tips on Stage Performance by Sarah Kay There are a number of myths surrounding public performance that spoken-word poet and co-founder of Project Voice Sarah Kay helps to dispel. Perhaps the chief myth is that you can't both be nervous and enjoy the experience of public speaking. In reality, being nervous is an inevitable part of the experience, but understanding why the audience came to see you — they just want to have fun — can help conquer your fear. Kay has plenty of tips and tricks that will make you feel more comfortable on stage and in the process of preparing your performance or speech.
VIDEO: Poetry - 5 Tips for Performance Doing Poetry Right with Renee M. LaTulippe
VIDEO: Poetry - Black Faith NDSA's 2019 National Champion performing "Black Faith"
VIDEO: Poetry - Fighting to be Okay IL State Champion 2020 - performed by Delaney Holliday of Belleville West High School Coached by Adam Jenkins, Russ Reidelberger and Julie Schloesser - Performance begins at 3:17
VIDEOS: Button Poetry Playlist Introduce your students to the art of performance poetry with Button Poetry’s Classroom-Friendly Poems This Playlist by Button Poetry contains 62 separate videos that will get your team excited about POETRY!
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