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Advanced Improv Games 9 Games designed to challenge even the elite! -- Compliments of Joe Murphy, Drama Teacher at Affton High School St. Louis Missouri
Beginning and Intermediate Improv Games Includes 5 Introductory Games; 8 Scene Games and 5 Guessing Games -- Compliments of Joe Murphy, Drama Teacher at Affton High School St. Louis Missouri
Competitive Improv Games Many challenging improv games that are competitive in nature. They are judged usually by a moderator, host, or even the audience. These types of games generally put a lot of restrictions on the performers, resulting in a great deal of fun for the viewers. This link describes 3 such games: The Question Game, Alphabet and World's Worst.
Improv Encyclopedia the largest collection or resources for improvization theater on the web. Here you will find tons of stuff related to improvization theatre, also known as 'improv' or 'impro'.
Improv Games for Large Groups 15 Large Group Improv Games for Team Building in 2021
Improv Games for Medium and Large Groups Playing improv games is a common method of warming up for actors. They help achieve focus, strengthen connections among actors, and allow them to practice performance skills.
Improv High A resource for high school students, coaches and instructors. There are plenty of improv sites out there, but not too many that focus on high school improvisers. Their brains are different, their ideas are different, and that makes their improv different.
No Joke Zone Poster Everyone loves Improv Games, but they can get out of hand. Joan Schubin, middle school theatre teacher from NJ and her students compiled a "NO JOKE" list that should be avoided for the benefit of everyone.
Non-Traditional Event Ideas for Speech/Forensics 15+ activities
Online Improv / Warm-Up / Community-Building Games & Exercises A spreadsheet with over 60 ideas for activities that work for in-person or distance learning
The Ultimate Guide to Improv: 101 Improv Tips Bookmark this page to reference it again and again. Regardless of your experience level, you'll love this unique resource. These ideas come from such geniuses as Keith Johnstone, Viola Spolin, Del Close and many others.
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