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Debate Resources from Emporia High School, KS IF YOU ARE A NEW POLICY DEBATE COACH, you don’t want to miss this . . . . Check out Emporia High School’s Debate Resource Page created and maintained by Coach Scott Bonnet The Files section on General Debate Knowledge is extensive available for download. Kansas Coaches have it going on!
Evidence Locker - Free Resource A Chrome Extension designed to help debaters cut and organize evidence cards from internet research. Created by Tage Mehta, a New York City Urban Debate League's Youth Leader.
Go Fight Win! Novice Debate Check out this great series of 38 entry level debate videos (none longer than around 30 minutes) created by Callie Chappell From Topicality to Disadvantages to Counterplans . . . these videos are a fantastic FREE resource for your debaters and for new coaches!
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