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Checklist for a Tournament Go-Bag Things to bring with you to Tournaments . . . Just in Case :) Over the past eleven years, the site has hosted over 2000 tournaments offering simple registration, tabbing (through EverythingTab), and result postings. For the 2017 school year, the site has been completely redesigned to take advantage of new web technologies to make the tournament registration process faster, easier, and more fun.
SpeechEase SpeechEase is a complete speech tournament management package. SpeechEase automates registration, scheduling, and tabulation for large and small tournaments alike. Middle school, high school, and university competitions use SpeechEase to run tournaments in a fast and efficient manner.
SpeechWire SpeechWire is used at the National Individual Events Tournament of Champions (NIETOC), the Tournament of Champions in Extemporaneous Speaking (TOC Extemp), the Tournament of Champions in Congressional Debate, the Urban Debate National Championship, the AFA-NIET (American Forensic Association National Individual Events Tournament), NFA (National Forensic Association) Nationals, several high school state speech and/or debate and congress championships, and collegiate and high school state or regional leagues nationwide, including numerous urban debate leagues. The service has been used at many large tournaments drawing entries from multiple states, in addition to hundreds of small and mid-size tournaments. It has also been used to run tournaments in several countries. (A project of the NSDA) The Tabroom system can pair IE and debate events, including Congressional debate. It handles public pairings, enables judges to enter decisions and scores online, and publishes and track results all online. You can also run a tournament totally offline with Tabroom; online features are optional. Tabroom also supports World's Schools format debates and World's University (British Parliamentary) format debates. Tutorial: Setting Up a Tournament This video walks users through the initial steps of setting up a tournament on, specifically focused on the norms and practices in Kansas and some of the added complications of competing virtually. - by Eric Skoglund Olathe Northwest High School, KS
TalkTab A Product of the Texas UIL: PC-TalkTab is available as a free download from this web site. This computer program will determine contestant placements for individual speaking events in UIL tournaments according to the current UIL Constitution & Contest Rules. Additional enhancements are instruction messages, help menu, printing checker, flexible editing, placement diagnostics, and methods to mark no-show or tag disqualified contestants.
The Joy of Tournaments A comprehensive software package for managing speech tournaments including Debate, Individual Events, Congress, Rooms, Judges, Fees, Results, Sweepstakes, Tabulation, and much more.
Tournament Forms - Downloadable Running a Tournament? These are general purpose files that are available for you to download and edit with your own information.
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