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  • 4N6Fanatics.com is a database which tracks the historical awards of quality performance material for Speech Teams and Drama Classes and a never-ending source of new material.

    • As of 12/15/2022, the database contains nearly 25,000 records, including state and national qualifiers. Our staff is currently working on adding the following qualifying records
      • 2022 NSDA, NIETOC
      • Various State Qualifiers
    • Narrow your search by Gender, Theme or even On-line Availability.  Nearly 3,200 of our records provide outside links to the FULL-TEXT of the selection.  Immediate access so students can begin cutting and writing introductions to create their own unique performance.

  • OR Narrow your search to ITEMS STORED IN THE VAULT.  As of 12/15/2022, the VAULT contains over 2,000 performance-ready cuttings, complete with suggested introductions and source information: 
    • Solo Interp - 715+
    • Duo Interp - 454+
    • Prose - 491+
    • Poetry - 397+
    • Declamation - 62+ 
    • Interested in a sample cutting from the VAULT?  
      Sample Cutting - Duo

  • And even better, we add new full-text links and VAULT cuttings each week during the school year!  

  • We provide our members with over 100 Extemp Topics (International and Domestic) each month for practice or use at school-hosted tournaments.  The Extemp Topic Generator functions the same way an Extemp Draw takes place at a tournament - you can further refine your "Draw" by selecting a theme for each round.  

  • Original Oratory and Informative ideas are also included, with a links to great places for students to begin research for their own original speech.

  • Our Impromptu Topic Generator has 28+ different categories with over 1,400 topics -- from "Social Issues" to "Harry Potter Quotes" 


We post lots of coaching resources and it's also a wonderful way to connect with other coaches around the country!     

NOTE: 4N6 Fanatics is NOT a publishing company; and as such is not recognized by the NSDA as an on-line script publisher.  Coaches must obtain the original source for regional state and national competitions.  But don't worry . . . our User's Guide provides suggestions for how to do so on a budget! 

NOTE: Rules for each event category vary from state to state and also over time.  Coaches/students should ALWAYS check the current event rules for your tournament to ensure chosen selections meet requirements.  (See our User's Guide  for specific examples)