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13 APPS every Actor Should Use In our increasingly digital world, most of us are rarely very far from a phone or tablet. Why not use this technology to learn lines, stay organized, and book more auditions? Here are 13 apps for actors that will help you do just that!
How to Memorize Lines – Best Memorization Techniques Shakespeare actually used this memory training technique in the Globe theatre to teach his actors how to memorize lines. It is a simple yet extremely effective technique to memorize lines. - A 5-Minute Video
Learning Lines by Bruce Miller Regardless of what techniques ultimately work for you, never forget that what the playwright has written into the script is there for a reason. Each word, each phrase, and every piece of punctuation was put there by the playwright after careful deliberation and with painstaking care. You owe it to the playwright and to yourself as an artist to respect his choices and his craft. It is very unlikely that your accidental changes will improve upon what is already there. Learn your lines and deliver them the way they were written.
Memorizing a Speech - 10x Faster A 5-minute video to help students with memorization
Memorizing Lines - Tips for Student Actors Getting your lines “close enough” and then making up the rest is not really an option. Fortunately, there are many methods of memorization. Here are some tips Kevin Stone for Pioneer Drama Service
Script Rehearser Script Rehearser is a free rehearsing app for Android. Hit the ground running. Save yourself hours of time and turn up knowing your lines. Whether it’s a stage script, screenplay, speech or presentation, you can rehearse and memorize on the go in an effective and convenient way. Completely free, with no ads, no paid upgrades and no random payments - we just love to support actors.
The Actor's Lines ($3.49) Learning lines or memorizing lines is a lot quicker with this line runner app designed by actors. Your friends and family will be happy you can memorize lines quickly on your own. Once your off book with fully memorized and learned lines, you can then speed up the pace to really test how fast you can rehearse (run those Italians). We help memorize lines for rehearsals, auditions, film scripts, plays, classes, workshops, all your acting needs or even business pitches.
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