Debate Websites
Millennial Speech and Debate
Founded in 2015, Millennial Speech & Debate offers an exceptional speech and debate education to students from around the world. Our mission is simple: To provide the best instruction and argument development support available so that students will experience both competitive success and be prepared for any career they choose in law, politics, science, academia, or industry. Our contributors bring decades of experience and competitive success to their work with students to help them meet their competitive goals. Our program of free and subscription-based instructional materials, summer camps, and online courses are all developed to enable you to be the best debater and person that you can be.
The Forensics Files
The Forensics Files (TFF) is a Texas partnership established in 2004. Our first year we started out producing topic files for Lincoln-Douglas debate. The following year we produced our first textbook. In 2006, we expanded our product line to include 3 more textbooks and workbooks, public forum topic files, CX topic files, and classroom posters.
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